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New Way to Install Adobe Creative Cloud to Specified Directory


0x01 Story

As is known to us all, officially, the default install directory for Adobe Creative Cloud can’t be changed from C:/Program Files/Adobe to users desire directory unless users have install at least one of Adobe Creative Cloud product.

Hence, I am wondering about whether there is another way to install Adobe Creative Cloud component without installing one then changing install directory via Creative Cloud application and finally installing the rest products.

Of course, there is another way. By means of altering the registry.

0x02 Implementation

The Creative Cloud installer will search “ProgramFilesDir”, ProgramFilesDir (x86)“, “ProgramFilesPath” and “ProgramFilesPath” in “SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion” in system registry so as to find the Program Files directory, then it will put the newly-installed component in Program Files directory like “C:\Program Files\Adobe”.

On basis of that, it is easy for us to find out a solution to trick the installer into installing Creative Cloud component to user-defined directory.

I bet you have found it that the way I used by altering these registry value to specified directory is quite simple.

In above code, the Path is the custom directory for installation of Creative Cloud component, the RE is a registry editor class whose code is given as follows:

0x03 Precompiled executable and source code

Go to for more detail.


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