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A third party DrCOM Client for Hohai University


0x00 Story

Recently, my teacher has replace the old home router with a brand new enterprise router, but by doing so the cracked DrCOM authentication client won’t work any more. At first, I try to seek help from the github, and not surprisingly there’s a third party client for DrCOM written in python waiting for me.

But since the client is written in python, it don’t have a GUI, which makes it hard to use for my teacher, and actually there’s also a GUI version of DrCOM client, however, it is made for DrCOM ver.p, which is not compatible with DrCOM in HHU, hence I decide to build one for HHU.

0x01 ScreenShot

Main Screen

Setting Screen

0x02 Features

  1. Basic Authorization (Login and Logout);
  2. Auto Login;
  3. Remember multiple groups of usernames and passwords
  4. Reconnect after losing connection;
  5. Renewal reminder.

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