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In this category, I share some useful code which helps me save some mandatory work

A recording of building a reimbursement ticketing tool for HHU


0x00 Story One day afternoon, when it is the time for making reservation for next day’s reimbursement, I open the reimbursement platform and type in the reservation info then hit the submit button, but the server returns nothing but blank page and refresh does no help at all, which annoys me a lot and creates a really really bad experience. Since that I can do nothing to improve the...

A third party DrCOM Client for Hohai University


0x00 Story Recently, my teacher has replace the old home router with a brand new enterprise router, but by doing so the cracked DrCOM authentication client won’t work any more. At first, I try to seek help from the github, and not surprisingly there’s a third party client for DrCOM written in python waiting for me. But since the client is written in python, it...

Currently working method to get direct download link from OneDrive share link


0x00 Introduction Microsoft OneDrive has long been a indispensable cloud service for me to store PPTs, PDFs, etc. Its user experience are marvelous, the sync, upload and download speed are satisfying, but what bothers me is that it takes me a long time to fully load a OneDrive file share page, as a result, I seldom use OneDrive to share files with my friends. 0x01 Methods It is quite simple to...

DrCOM(ver.D) in HHU Packet Analysis


0x00 Packet List Challenge Login Logout KeepAlive_1 KeepAlive_2 0x01 Login & Logout Route 0x011 Login Route First, a chanllange packet is made and sent to server, and the response should start with 0x02 and contain 4 bytes salt at the offset 0x14. Second, a login packet can be made with the salt we’ve got, after we send it to the server, it should respond with data which starts with...

New Way to Install Adobe Creative Cloud to Specified Directory


0x01 Story As is known to us all, officially, the default install directory for Adobe Creative Cloud can’t be changed from C:/Program Files/Adobe to users desire directory unless users have install at least one of Adobe Creative Cloud product. Hence, I am wondering about whether there is another way to install Adobe Creative Cloud component without installing one then changing install...

Creating a Fake Crashed Tab When Current Tab Loses Focus


0x00 Story Once upon a time I bumped into a site, as long as the tab losed focus, the tab caption will be changed into something like “oops, the tab crashed!”. It is really funny, isn’t it? So I spend some time digging into it and I found it really easy to do it, hence I decide to write a short tutorial on how to do it. 0x01 Mechanism Firstly, we should know how to know whether...

Coding, Web, Hydrology and more.