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Utilizing fail2ban to Protect SSHD & Mail Service on CentOS


0x00 STORY I haven’t checked mail log after installing dovecot and postfix, since these mailing services runs well without any problem, but recently I found issue on losing mails when sending numerous mails at the same time, then I looked into dovecot and postfix’s configuration thoroughly, however, everything seems to be ok, then I turned to check mail log hoping to find some errors...


0x01 前述 博客建立在腾讯云上,原来用的是腾讯企业邮箱提供的SMTP服务器来收发邮件,起初认为都是腾讯产品,应该不至于出太大问题,也方便管理,另外刚开始用的性能还算可以,就凑合着用了。但是这几天回来一试,发信往往需要3s以上的时间,性能低下到无法忍受,甚至出现了掉信的情况。遂弃用腾讯企业邮箱(说到底还是因为用的免费版,没有充钱),利用Postfix+Dovecot搭建自己的邮件服务器。 0x02 环境 腾讯云 CentOS 7.2 0x03 安装和配置Postfix 首先先删除sendmail: Shell yum remove sendmail 1 yum remove sendmail 随后安装Postfix和Cyrus: Shell yum install postfix yum install cyrus* 12 yum install postfixyum install...

Coding, Web, Hydrology and more.