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In this category, I share notes I take from learning something, hope that it will help you on some problems.

SSL Labs A+ Nginx Configuration Example


0x00 Background Since the end support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1, SSL Labs has change its grade for sites which support them to B since 2020/01/31. Moreover, modern browsers like Chrome/FireFox/IE has deprecated support for them since first half of 2020. Therefore, it is time to migrate to TLS 1.2 or higher if your site is still using TLS 1.0 and 1.1. 0x01 How To If you are using nginx config like...

System Response in Hydrological Model


0X00 What is System Response? From my own perspective, System Response is system’s inner structures and components’ feedback to a change in single input or combination of multiple inputs. If you are familiar with model sensitivity analysis, it is well-known that this analysis is based on analyzing model outputs’ differences on given inputs’ variation, and this differences...

Utilizing fail2ban to Protect SSHD & Mail Service on CentOS


0x00 STORY I haven’t checked mail log after installing dovecot and postfix, since these mailing services runs well without any problem, but recently I found issue on losing mails when sending numerous mails at the same time, then I looked into dovecot and postfix’s configuration thoroughly, however, everything seems to be ok, then I turned to check mail log hoping to find some errors...

An Introduction to DELAUNEY Triangulation


0x01 Introduction Recently I’m working on visualization of flow velocity pulsation, it is necessary to draw a contour map of the distribution of the velocity pulsation intensity on the cross section. The Chart control provided by Winform does not provide the function of contour drawing. So I look up in Baidu for some information, and probably learned the steps of contour drawing, and I will...

Building a lite private cloud disk with aria2 and File Browser


0x00 Introduction Cloud disk providers like baidu, 115, yunfile have provided us with convenient cloud storage services which enables us to gain access to file across multiple platforms and devices. Since our works are often related to word, excel, ppt and etc, we rely heavily on a desktop or laptop to produce productivity in our routine life, but there’s always sometime we don’t have...

DrCOM(ver.D) in HHU Packet Analysis


0x00 Packet List Challenge Login Logout KeepAlive_1 KeepAlive_2 0x01 Login & Logout Route 0x011 Login Route First, a chanllange packet is made and sent to server, and the response should start with 0x02 and contain 4 bytes salt at the offset 0x14. Second, a login packet can be made with the salt we’ve got, after we send it to the server, it should respond with data which starts with...

Coding, Web, Hydrology and more.